About Us


 Rob and Bobby 

Me and Bobby have over 15 years of experience in OEM style upgrades for cars and we are proud to be the only UK distributor of Tesla Vertical style systems.

Myself and Bobby have built this company up on the foundation on honesty, reliability and just being there if you need us.

We prefer to deal with customers on how we’d like to be dealt with and we understand the stressfulness this industry can be when things do not go to plan.

This is why it’s paramount that you deal with someone of experience, has quality produce and someone who is on the end of the phone and can put things right if need be.

We are a UK registered company who solely deal in In-Car entertainment systems. This means, we dedicate our time into this sector to ensure we can offer you best service and products possible.

Dealing with foreign companies maybe great when it saves you a few shillings but should anything go wrong, its then that you will bare the brunt of the stress and loss of your hard earned cash.

Deal with confidence and sleep easy by dealing with us as not only do you get a 2 year ICEBOXAUTO warranty, it is fully governed by UK legislation as the warranty is with us. We are not like other sellers who offer a China factory warranty, which is worthless after the 180 days when your credit card chargeback runs out.

We have dealt with many rogue manufacturers in the past over in China and have streamlined our dealings down over the years to factories that only produce quality and act on the same work ethos as us.

This means, you will get the best possible service and goods on the market.

A seller is only as good as his supplier, as they say!

We will continue to bring you the most innnovative products fresh to market before any of our other competitors.

Call us for a friend chat today, we will give you our honest and educated opinion on whats best for your needs.

Thanks and look forward to dealing with you.

Rob and Bobby.